All Means All

MiAA’s exciting new program, All Means All provides career support for arts professionals with disabilities in the state of Michigan. The program was initiated by the Marygrove Conservancy’s Center for Detroit Arts & Culture in 2020. The project took place virtually, and brought together artists with disabilities who live in the Metro Detroit area. In 2021, Disability Network of Wayne County Detroit partnered with MiAA to secure funding through the Michigan Arts and Culture Council for a statewide expansion of the program. The goals of the program are to:

  1. Raise the visibility of artists with disabilities
  2. Enhance the professional development for artists with disabilities
  3. Strengthen the capacity for ongoing collaboration, networking, and promotion of artists with disabilities and organizations with open studios for artists with disabilities

All Means All hosts monthly Zoom sessions where dancers, musicians, poets, storytellers, visual artists, writers, etc. can share their work. MiAA will work with the presenting artists on the development of an artist statement, biography, and how to present their art form to the public. A Michigan Artists Blog has been created to showcase their work.

All Means All also hosts monthly Zoom sessions with open studios for artists with disabilities.

For more information or to join All Means All as an artist or advocate, contact Lora Frankel at