Genesee County Affiliate

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The MiAA Genesee Country affiliate provides a variety of services within the county. The committee works with the home office to find support for and service our artist-in-residence programs for special education students in the Genesee ISD center-based programs. The committee also mounts 4 local festivals for school-aged students, and identifies and trains artists to work in these programs.

Kathy Cole, a retired employee of Genesee ISD is the creator of the affiliate’s Club Create program. After reuniting with graduated students at a funeral of one of their former classmates, Ms. Cole realized that her former students could really benefit from the social and creative engagement of an adult art club. With support from a few parents and the Genesee County affiliate, she successfully formed our first Club Create chapter.

Our affiliates are always looking for:

  • Volunteers
  • People with talent in all art forms
  • Passionate people to serve on the affiliate committee
  • Individual donors and corporate sponsors

Contact our Affiliate Committee Chairperson, Emily Hudson, for more information at

For information about Club Create Swartz Creek, contact Kathy Cole at